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Daguan District Office of the international consulting company
        China Aerospace Science and Technology Consulting Co. Ltd. is a professional consulting service to the internationalization of China's aerospace development. The company was founded in 1983, is based on Tsien Hsueshen and the older generation of scientists initiative, for the full development of the aerospace industry intelligence resources, consulting institutions to carry out technical support, training, transfer, product development, engineering design, technology consulting service and the formation of.
        After decades of development, the company has been in the national mission mission, carried out a large number of very fruitful work in the aerospace science and technology development, technology consulting, technology introduction and technical service etc.. In recent years, commissioned by the relevant state departments, the company has for China's manned spaceflight, navigation, earth observation, satellite communications and other major Aerospace Engineering provides consulting services to a number of studies, provide strong support for the internationalization of Chinese space development process.
        The company's business areas including strategic research and policy advice, industry and international market research, space international cooperation and exchange, enterprise internationalization development consulting, project management and project consulting, International Convention and international training etc..
        In the aerospace field of internationalization, as the relevant government departments "think tank", the "brain" of space groups, enterprises going abroad "Wizard", the company will continue to create Aerospace consulting authoritative brand, and make due contributions to the China Aerospace International development.

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