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        In order to make the majority of users and readers can more convenient, fast reading to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Consulting Co. Ltd. website news reports, understanding of the products of China Aerospace Science and Technology Advisory limited in time, we launched the China Aerospace Science and Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. website RSS news service. The advantage of China Aerospace Science and Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. website RSS news service reflected in you only need to subscribe in IE7.0 or in its already use open RSS reader interest column links, can automatically obtain the latest news of these columns by RSS news reader, which enjoy high quality information the service we provide for you.
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What is RSS
  RSS is a simple way to share content between the site and other sites to, usually used for news and other sequence of websites, such as Blog. A project description may contain all the news. Or is it just for additional content or brief introduction. Links to these projects are usually linked to all content. Network users can help support RSS news aggregation tool software on the client, not in the open reading support RSS output website content website content page case.
How RSS works
  If you use IE7.0, has built-in RSS support, or you can download and install a third party RSS news reader, and then from the website of the news in the list of directories to subscribe to your interested in news content. After a subscription, you will get the latest content subscription news channel.
Characteristics of RSS news reader
  A. did not affect the title or abstract advertising or picture reading.Website content
RSS reader automatically update your custom, keep the news.
        C. users can add a custom RSS abstract, from multiple sources of news gathering into a single data stream.
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